Dance Improvisation Lesson Structure

Embarking on a 60-minute improvisation journey is an exploration of movement that unveils the incredible range and depth within your body. Within this time frame, you have the opportunity to traverse various qualities that might seem opposing at first glance. From gentle fluidity to sharp angularity, from slow introspection to rapid bursts of energy – these contrasting qualities provide a canvas to discover the nuanced capabilities of your body. As you navigate through these diverse textures of movement, you unearth layers of expression that might have remained dormant otherwise. This process not only enhances your physical prowess but also fosters a deeper connection with your emotional and artistic self. The 60-minute improvisation becomes a voyage of self-discovery, illuminating the incredible artistry your body is capable of when given the freedom to explore the full spectrum of movement possibilities.

Here is a sample dance improvisation lesson structure you can use for your next dance improvisation class – or just try it out for yourself. I also added songs on Spotify that fit with each quality. Each single quality shall be embraced for five minutes, resulting in a total of 60 minutes.

Add a warmup (e.g. walking/ running through the space) and cooldown (stretching, meditation) to the routine.

(1) soft/fluid – Song: 20:17 by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

(2) square – Song: Squarepusher Theme by Squarepusher

(3) bows – Song: Bowspirit by Balmorhea

(4) acceleration/deceleration – Song: Please, Surrender by Your Hand in Mine

(5) straightening (of the spine) – Song: Like a Particle of Dust by Night Gestalt & Klangriket

(6) no muscle tone – Song: Lush by Four Tet

(7) much muscle tone – Song: Odyssey by Rival Consoles

(8) inward – Song: Fiebertraum by Apparat

(9) outward – Song: Windlicht by Grover Washington, Jr.

(10) collapse and straighten – Song: Two on the Breakwater by Angus MacRae

(11) multifocused – Song: Morsches Holz by Stimming X Lambert

(12) monofocusedno music.

You can find my complete Playlist (including some extra songs for warmup) here: 60 minute improvisation playlist