Dance Pedagogy Training

…at Tanzzentrale Leipzig (Germany)

On 11th of March, the 8th cohort of dance pedagogy training at Tanzzentrale Leipzig (Germany) started. It was a very exciting weekend – getting to know almost 20 other dance enthusiasts, as well as Konstantin Tsakalidis, choreographer, director, performer, educator, and founder of Tanzzentrale Leipzig.

The training at Tanzzentrale Leipzig focuses on contemporary dance, choreography, and improvisation. In the first two days, we got to know each other by dance – contact improvisation and creating small choreographed sequences together.

My goal in the two upcoming years of training is to let go, to engage with myself and to discover the dance within myself. I am excited for what is to come, and will document my journey on this blog. Stay tuned! 🕺

As you can see, I left the weekend very happy – and exhausted 🙂